Why I Give

David Nuzum ’92 Supports Faculty Tuition Benefit

David Nuzum ’92 with wife Olivia and daughters Julia and Sydney.

David Nuzum ’92, son of longtime faculty member Richard Nuzum—who taught at MICDS from 1980-2006—exemplifies the sense of tradition that has held true at MICDS since its beginnings.

“We were only able to attend CDS because of the very generous tuition benefit available to faculty at that time,”

said Nuzum. The alumnus was so grateful for the aid he received that he decided to give back. In Fall 2016, Nuzum stepped forward with the initial lead gift in honor of the Class of 1992’s 25th Reunion—a gift that would help establish an endowed fund to support great teaching and learning at MICDS, providing tuition remission for the children of faculty and staff like him. His initial gift inspired his classmates to raise more than $140,000 for the Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School Class of 1992 Tuition Benefit Fund.

QWhy do you feel the Faculty Tuition Benefit Fund is important?

A: My dad found his calling in teaching and coaching long before my brothers, Rich ’86 and Tom ’90, and I were old enough to go to CDS. But when he experienced CDS as a parent, it bonded him to the place in a whole new way. Long after we graduated, my dad would tell me how profoundly grateful he felt toward the School and for the opportunities it gave us.

QWhy do you feel passionate about philanthropy?

A: I have achieved has been based on opportunities given to me by others—by my parents, teachers, coaches and colleagues. Philanthropy is too grand a word to describe the baby steps that my wife Olivia and I have recently undertaken with our charitable giving. When we do give, for me it is a feeble attempt to settle accounts for the many gifts I have been afforded. Whatever success I have had, I’m not naive enough to think it is a product of my own hard work alone. Anything

QWhy do you choose to support MICDS?

A: Partly, I give to MICDS out of appreciation for the amazing experiences I had there—in the classroom and even more so in the theater and on the athletic fields. Partly, I support MICDS out of appreciation for the many positive changes in the school since I graduated 25 years ago. But mostly, I support MICDS as a way of remembering my dad, who loved the school deeply for more than 30 years and found friendship with so many of his students, parents and colleagues.