Why I Give: Rallying in Honor of a Fallen Ram

Our annual MICDS Madness giving challenge among the classes of 1997-2016 provided a meaningful opportunity for the Class of 2016 to rally around a common goal. In honor of their 5th reunion and in memory of beloved classmate Charlie Gillis ’16, an impressive 58% of the class participated in this giving challenge, earning them 2nd place honors. This is quite an accomplishment considering that older classes historically dominate the top spots. The 2016 “rookie year” performance was the best ever by a 5th year reunion class.

Thanks to the generosity of the Class of 2016, their gifts, along with contributions from the Gillis family and others, will help to fully endow the Spirit of Teaching Award in Memory of Charlie Gillis ’16 Fund.

The Spirit of Teaching Award in Memory of Charlie Gillis ’16 Fund agreement states, “Charlie Gillis loved MICDS and the strong relationships he developed with his teachers and coaches as well as his classmates and teammates. He found great joy in sports, the arts, and numerous academic pursuits, but his joy was as much in the shared experience with others as it was in the specific pursuit and in the process as the result. Indeed, he rejoiced in the daily grind, in sharing ideas and embracing challenges with others. Charlie was inspired by his teachers and coaches at MICDS, who profoundly changed his life and helped him become his best self. The Spirit of Teaching Award shall be given to the MICDS teacher or coach who truly inspires his or her students of any age to develop great passion for learning, to grow in their chosen pursuits in academics, athletics, and/or the arts, and to become their best selves.”

Many thanks to the Class of 2016 for your gifts in Charlie’s memory and for making this endowment fund a laudable award for our teachers for years to come.