Where in the World?

Two large maps – the world and the St. Louis region – appeared in Danforth Hall. Then flag pins began populating the maps, slowly at first and spreading quickly. Clusters of students and teachers could be found studying the wall, asking each other for help and explaining locations.

“We begin each year with new Middle School friends and I wanted to provide a fun opportunity to learn about each other and make connections about our histories,” said Head of Middle School Jen Schuckman.

While Middle School students, faculty and staff arrive on campus each day from 53 different zip codes, they come to St. Louis from a much wider area. Many in our Middle School community were born in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, Ukraine, China, the Philippines, Australia, Nigeria and Peru, among other places. We are fortunate to have such a global community, rich with diverse experience of culture and place, joined each day in school spirit.