Welcome Dr. Fred Bouchard, New Head Football Coach!

In February, MICDS announced that Dr. Fred Bouchard will serve as the Head Football Coach starting with the Fall 2020 season. Bouchard brings 20 years of head high school coaching experience with a 201-48 record including five state championships, 19 straight years of playoff teams as a head coach, and a history of building several teams into top-10 programs. He comes to MICDS from Decatur Public Schools in Decatur, Illinois, where he has been serving as Assistant Superintendent since 2018. Bouchard previously coached at Staley High School and Harrisonville High School, both in the Kansas City area. Bouchard was inducted into the Missouri Football Coaches Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility, earned the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Simone Foundation, and has been selected as the Missouri Coach of the Year five different times by the Writers and Coaches Association.

During Spirit Week in April, Athletic Director Josh Smith held a live Zoom interview with Dr. Bouchard to talk coaching, football, and sustaining a successful program long term. The full video recording of the live session is available below.

Bouchard said, “It’s an absolute honor and a privilege to be the head football coach at MICDS. I’m excited about what the future holds…I’m excited about a whole group of youngsters. There’s one thing about having a really great team, but the cool part is developing a program, and it being really consistent through the years.” He also shared a bit about his coaching philosophy. “At the end of the day, we have one really important job as educators, and that’s to love our players. As coaches, we need to let love pour into them and have high regard for what we are supposed to be doing. And the players have one job, and that’s to love one another—to be in it together, to share that experience, and to show up for one another for this common goal.

“We think extracurricular activities—they’re part of what educationally fills the gap. That’s where you learn the most about teamwork, the most about chemistry and comradery, and maybe, in some cases, the most about investment in time and effort. We think we can provide some of those soft skills that are so important and that everybody’s looking for when our guys enter the workforce.” Dr. Bouchard closed by saying he is most looking forward to working with the young, driven, academically engaged student-athletes at MICDS.

Let’s give a warm MICDS welcome to Dr. Bouchard!