Upper Schoolers Start Website to Help Facilitate Absentee Voting

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Missouri state legislature expanded absentee voting. In most cases, a notary is still required, and one can be difficult to find in Missouri. Enter MICDS Upper School students Lucas McCarty ’21, Jack Morris ’21, Sydney Pollock ’21, and Jonah Zacks ’21, who created a website to connect voters and notaries. “People fill out a form on our website, motaryconnections.org, and we use their zip code to pair them with a nearby notary,” said Zacks. “Then, we start an email thread between the voter and the notary so they can set up a time and place to get the ballot notarized.” To set up the technology for the website, McCarty spent hours between classes and after school on Zoom with MICDS teachers to learn how the systems work and how to use them for this specific project. “We use a system combining multiple APIs and a network of databases and forms,” Lucas explained. “Additionally, I built a small server that houses the backend portion of our system.”