The Power of Community

Many thanks to our MICDS families who answered the call to support the MICDS Fund during our annual Parent Pledge Week where parent participation reached 52%. BIG congratulations to the classes of 2029 (4th grade) and 2031 (2nd grade) for achieving 100%!

It was a week filled with wonderful connections between parents, students, and friends who gave voice to why they love MICDS and why they choose to support the School. It was further RAMplified by our annual Turkey Train for which our families so generously donated food bank items to serve our local community.

We are humbled by your spirit of giving and your heartfelt support of our teachers and programs. Your gifts to MICDS impact every child, every day at our School and will continue to do so.

The dedication of the teachers and the community of MICDS during this time is incredible.

Jenny Charles ’94, Current Parent