The Happiest School in St. Louis

The National Board of Visitors Offers Insight and Wisdom

Pivot. That’s the word of the day. Actually, pivot is the word of the last year since the COVID-19 pandemic hit our world, making us rethink almost everything that we do. MICDS’ National Board of Visitors’ yearly meeting pivoted from an in-person event to completely virtual. The Board of Visitors, or BOV, is a group of out-of-town alumni that provides the School with a second set of eyes and hearts, examining a question that the school provides for them. After BOV members study, discuss, and debate the topic at hand, they provide the School a set of recommendations.

This year’s question comes from Head of School Jay Rainey’s desire for MICDS to be the “Happiest School in Saint Louis.”

With a variety of source material provided in advance, the BOV dove into the topic and provided the school with insights and recommendations on how to become a “happier” school based on four pillars: Social, Community and Belonging, Resilience, and Health/Wellbeing.

Rainey and the rest of the administrative team are looking for ways over the remainder of the year to think through how we might implement the Board of Visitors’ great thinking. We will also report back to the BOV and the rest of the community on our progress over the next year.