The 25th Annual Blue Whale Cafe Showcases Talent and Causes

Blue Whale Cafe is a cherished MICDS tradition that allows students and faculty to showcase their instrumental and vocal talents, celebrate the arts in our community, and raise money for charity. This year, Blue Whale took on a virtual format; audience members watched from home while performers performed original, classical, and modern pieces.

Instead of traditional ticket sales for one charity, viewers had the opportunity to donate to one or multiple causes of their choice during “commercial breaks” throughout the virtual show. “Every act has picked a wonderful cause to support in Blue Whale this year, and we really hope you’ll consider donating to these causes,” said Jack Morris ’21, Co-Master of Ceremonies.

“The challenge was to keep positive energy in the room when the students were performing,” said Patrick Huber, Upper School Fine & Performing Arts Teacher. “It wasn’t about mourning what we lost due to the pandemic, but about celebrating what we could do in this unique situation.”

Congratulations to the performers, crew, and Arts Council for an incredible virtual performance on this milestone 25th year of Blue Whale Cafe.