MICDS Hosts 3rd Annual Conference Focused on Transformative Teaching and Learning

More than 400 educators from 25 states traveled to the MICDS campus for three days of learning and engaging with peers at the 3rd annual Summit for Transformative Learning  (STLinSTL). Under the direction of MICDS faculty members Elizabeth Helfant and Patrick Woessner, conference sessions brought experts and educators together in small group settings to explore new ideas for maximizing student engagement and learning.

Dr. Robyn Jackson, Founder and CEO of Mindsteps Inc., presents to a group of educators during STLinSTL.

“I am so very proud of what STLinSTL has become under the leadership of Elizabeth and Patrick. First and foremost, it allows all of our teachers to engage deeply in shared learning experiences about best practice pedagogy, which directly impacts the experiences of the students in our classes on a daily basis. In addition, because we invite teachers from across the United States to our campus, it allows our faculty to participate in the national conversation about excellence in teaching and learning,” said Head of School Lisa Lyle.

Attendees chose from nearly 100 sessions related to the conference’s themes: Amplifying STEM, Best Practices in Pedagogy and Assessment, Brains on Learning, Contemporary Literacy, Fostering Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Schools and It’s Elementary.

Fourteen MICDS faculty and staff members were among the presenters, including: Brian Thomas, Lynn Mittler, Chris Rappleye, Callie Bambenek, Amy Scheer, Ashley O’Toole, David Doherty, Jeff Gaw, Janet Purdy, Justin Little, Christy Moore, Mead Ploszay ’91, Tanya Roth and JoAnne Vogel.