Sixth Graders Find Their Passion to LEAD

For this year’s Passion Project, 6th graders were challenged to create art installation projects that show how Middle Schoolers LEAD every day. LEAD is the acronym for their social-emotional learning program:

  • L – Learn with curiosity and joy
  • E – Embrace challenge
  • A – Advocate for self and community
  • D – Demonstrate collaboration and teamwork

Another project goal was to provide a visual representation of Middle School life, school culture, and inclusive community. Also, there was a need to identify the 6th grade hallway as a warm, inviting space.

Students researched the Middle School spaces, brainstormed ideas, narrowed and developed their ideas into four art installations, and collaborated in project teams to tackle each project.

One group developed an undersea mural featuring fish that represent Middle School life and our diverse community. Angela Chen ’26 enjoyed painting the colorful mural leading to the Middle School cafeteria.

“It is important to show that it’s okay to be different, and when my group and I made the mural, we had people put their weirdness into the fish.”

Angela Chen ’26

Another team worked to design a welcoming and colorful 6th grade hallway banner using graphic design software. Students also designed a school spirit mural with a Ram bursting through a brick wall and an art installation featuring blocks that spell out and explain LEAD. The new Middle School art installations beautified the space and will inspire and welcome students, faculty, and visitors for years to come!