Sixth Graders Create Social Distancing Innovations

Sixth graders brainstormed ways to keep students physically distanced while using shared spaces such as classrooms and hallways. Collaborating in small groups during their advisory period, the students came up with materials and went to work on their innovations.

Using pool noodles, duct tubing, wooden rods, twine, and always-essential duct tape, students developed several different designs to facilitate social distancing. One group placed T-shaped structures in the hallway that prohibited walking close together, and another group made a helicopter apparatus that a student wears to allow more personal space. Many designs followed related concepts.

“All of the ideas, though very similar, each had their own little twist to make it unique and special,” said Marie Willie ’27.

Other students relished the collaborative nature of the project and enjoyed brainstorming and bringing their concept to reality. “I thought it was great collaborating with my classmates on this build,” said Jonathan Weiss ’27. “We all got to share our ideas and create something useful together.”

The projects were part of the 6th grade LEAD initiative, which stands for:

Learn with curiosity and joy
Embrace challenge
Advocate for self and community
Demonstrate collaboration and teamwork

The 6th graders certainly hit all the marks of LEAD on this project and strengthened their bond as the class of 2027!