The Show Must Go On(line)

Carolyn Hood, Theater Director and Upper School Performing Arts Teacher, visited Orthwein Theater only a few days after this year’s spring musical, 9 to 5, was forced to cancel due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I saw all the props from 9 to 5 lined up backstage on their tables, the set pieces in the wings, and all the costumes neatly arranged on the clothes racks behind each actor’s name. I even saw the sign-in sheet with every cast and crew member, neatly checked with each night of tech rehearsals they had attended,” said Hood.

She shared that her walkthrough was a very emotional experience and one that started off very sad. Then she began to remember the 10 weeks of rehearsal the cast and crew had together and all of the amazing moments during that time—watching the creative choreography of Zoe Clark ’22, listening to the beautiful harmonies come to life from Dolly Parton’s songs, and hearing the contagious laughter from Jack Morris ’21, strapped in his harness, flying through the air for the first time.

“I often tell our theater students that process is far more important than product.”

Carolyn Hood

“During the process, we grow as artists, learn to take risks, make and solidify relationships we will have all of our lives. All this happened in our 10 weeks together—nothing can take that away—and it was truly a joy to be part of such a creative, talented and dedicated cast.” Although the performance was never able to have its grand finale on stage, the show did go on…online, that is! Enjoy the virtual performance of seniors Bryn Daney ’20, Haley Driver ’20, and Amarah Friedman ’20 singing I Just Might:

Middle and Upper School band students also wowed audiences in the comfort of their homes through virtual concerts. Students’ family members even broke out in dance during the Upper School band’s rendition of Hey Baby. Dance along as you watch the video performance, and also enjoy the band’s performance of the Codasco rally song!


After you watch the band, tune into the Class of 2020 vocalists’ recording of Panic! at the Disco’s High Hopes, a virtual Spring Pops performance. Each student individually recorded their parts at home using the same base track. The footage was then synced and layered to create a thrilling ensemble performance.

And last, but certainly not least, the Upper School strings ensemble virtually performed Shine You No More by the Danish String Quartet. The video recording is available online and is sure to lift spirits. While spring at MICDS wasn’t the same without our beloved music concerts and theater performances, the virtual shows were the next best thing.