7th and 8th Graders Present “Seedfolks”

Actors and crew members from the 7th and 8th grade brought the stage adaptation of Paul Fleischman’s Newbery Award-winning book, Seedfolks, to Freeman Theatre in March. Through the voices of 13 narrators, Seedfolks tells the story of the founding and first year of a community garden in an immigrant neighborhood located in Cleveland, OH.  

Ananya Radhakrishnan ’21 used the opportunity of portraying a narrator to immerse herself in her role. “I had long monologues where I could act and use emotions however I saw fit without another character to react to,” she said. “For the first time, I was independent–free to interpret and judge how much emotion and everything the character needed.”

The play’s message resonated with the MICDS Mission because “it is about taking responsibility for the people and things around you, either through action or thought. We all bear that same responsibility to make the world a better place,” said Charlotte Dougherty, co-director and 7th grade dean.

“Performing in Seedfolks is an experience I will never forget,” said Raneem Alzahabi ’21. “It showed me how people of different backgrounds can always find something in common and learn to coexist with one another to make something beautiful.”

In addition to acting roles, students worked as members of the stage crew and were responsible for lighting and sound, set construction and publicity.