Science Research Symposium Showcases Student Projects

Upper School students showcased comprehensive independent research projects during the 3rd Annual Science Research Symposium held in the O’Hara Research Lab in McDonnell Hall and Brauer Hall. In addition to articulating their research findings, students enjoyed networking with professional scientists.

Sanchita Sen ’17, who aspires to attend medical school, explored a disease that affects bone density in mice. This project “showed me the many ways conducting a scientific research project will be excellent preparation for a pre-med program in college.”

Anjali Pante ’17 presents her science research project on developing a glucose biosensor.

“We believe it is important to expose students to real scientific investigation early in their academic careers so they realize that learning science and actually doing the work of a scientist are very different,” explained Dr. Katrina Brandis, Director of Research Programs at MICDS. “The earlier they can have an authentic research experience, the sooner they know if it is something they want to pursue in college.”