Saved by the Bell (Covers) to Keep the Music Alive

When our community faces a challenge, our MICDS family supports one another in creative ways. The pandemic almost jeopardized our students’ ability to continue playing music on campus, yet our community tapped into its unique creativity to assist in finding a solution.

Without missing a beat, Middle and Upper School Band Teachers Becky Long and Josh Baumgartner researched options to keep their students playing music safely in these times. One of those needs was for bell covers for our student musicians. Bell covers act as masks on the bell-shaped part of trumpets, trombones, saxophones, and tubas. They are made with washable fabric that doesn’t affect sound quality or volume, yet they perform the critical function of blocking aerosol droplets.

Desperate times call for desperate measurements, and JoAnne Vogel, Middle School Fine Arts Department Chair and Visual Art Teacher, stepped forward to help lead the creation process for the bell covers. “She was the master craftswoman that came up with the right size patterns needed to fit the instruments, she reached out to her neighborhood for fabric donations, and she put together kits for the volunteers to sew. It was amazing,” shared Long. Vogel even created a how-to video for those who would help sew the instrument masks.

Long recruited help with the assistance of Parents Association President Stephanie Kolman and Baumgartner secured help from friends. The supply kits were distributed to a team of volunteers to help with the sewing, and to everyone’s delight, our students continued making music. We sincerely appreciate the efforts of the 11 dedicated volunteers who helped sew bell covers for our musician students. Thank you for keeping the music alive at MICDS!