Playing for the Blues and a Swim with the Sharks

Playing for the Blues

Catherine Cai ’27 and Eliot Chapel are MICDS famous! This fall, the St. Louis Blues asked if they could film a commercial in Eliot Chapel—and feature a student. And who better than Catherine Cai ’27 to play the role. A talented pianist, last summer Catherine won the Solo Elementary A and the Contemporary Composer A2 of the 2017 Carmel Klavier International Piano Competition.

A Swim with the Sharks

MICDS student Ehan Kamat ’18 got his 15 minutes of fame this year too! On October 15, Ehan appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank, a reality show that features entrepreneurs making pitches to notable venture capitalists (plus, guest shark and MLB superstar Alex Rodriguez).

A lifelong idea guy, Ehan invented the Solemender at the age of 12. After watching his mother roll a frozen toy on her foot to alleviate foot pain, he learned that the medical community often recommends freezing a water bottle and rolling the sole of the foot on it to treat foot pain conditions such as plantar fasciitis. Ehan thought a refreezable roller with a nonskid base would be a more effective, less messy alternative than a frozen water bottle.

SHARK TANK – “Episode 901”