Planned Giving Profile

Meet Jason Saghir ’88

Jason Saghir ‘88 has always known how to set his team up for a win. “On a team full of overachievers, Jason stood out as a leader,” recalled MICDS Water Polo Coach Don Casey. “He maximized our team’s talents by always anticipating and thinking ahead, and that’s what helped us score goals.”

Twenty-nine years later and long retired from water polo, Saghir is still helping score goals for MICDS. By thinking ahead and anticipating the School’s future needs, he found a way to set up his alma mater for ultimate success; he named the School as a beneficiary in his will, thereby helping to build the endowment. His decision to notify the School of his intentions has made him one of the youngest members of the MICDS Eliot & Thompson Society*.

“I’m a planner by nature,” Saghir admitted. “So when it came time to create my estate plan, I took it seriously and reflected on how much Country Day helped me develop both in and out of the classroom. It was an obvious decision for me to include MICDS in my will, and it’s given me great personal satisfaction,” he added.

Saghir, married with two children and living outside of Boston, left a long and successful career at Bain Capital a few years ago to try his hand as an entrepreneur. “At Country Day, we learned how to independently study a topic and work hard to achieve a goal—both of which have served me well as I’ve realized that a large part of career success is about being able to teach yourself and reinvent yourself,” he said.

Always enamored with the restaurant business, Saghir acquired 26 Dunkin Donuts shops on the East Coast. More recently, Jason joined Jason Brauer ’94, at Confluent Holdings. The holding company, which owns and operates businesses around the US, gives Saghir the opportunity to travel frequently, including regular trips back home to St. Louis. When in St. Louis, Saghir noted he often runs through the MICDS campus.

“It’s amazing to see how much our school has grown over the years, and to think about how Country Day was the foundation for everything that came after it. I think about the philanthropy it took for the School to survive its first 150 years, and I feel obligated to help ensure its survival for the next 150 years.”

As for his memory of Coach Casey, Saghir said, “He pushed us in all the right ways. He and the other coaches, teachers and advisors made it a privilege to attend Country Day, and now I find that it’s my privilege to give back.”

To Jason Saghir ‘88 and all of the other members of the MICDS Eliot & Thompson Society, we are eternally grateful for your generosity and foresight. Your legacy commitment to build the MICDS endowment is foundational to our School’s future.

*The Eliot & Thompson Society honors all those who have taken the special step of including MICDS in their long-term plans through a bequest provision in their will or trust, a life-income gift, or other estate-related giving arrangement. If you are interested in joining the Eliot & Thompson Society, or would like to see detailed financial illustrations of the projected benefits you could receive from making a planned gift to MICDS, please contact Kalleen Rose, Director of Major & Planned Gifts, at 314-995-7455 or We cordially invite you to join this special circle of visionary donors!