A New Tradition: Ram Fams

This fall, Upper School students launched a new tradition—Ram-Fams! Sponsored by Students for Change and created to unite the Upper School, Ram-Fams help foster kindness, respect and friendships across all grade levels.

“This program was created by students in the hope that it be student-led in the future, too, with minimal faculty responsibility. We have received lots of positive feedback from students so far and could not be more excited,” said Beatriz Sadala ’18 and Ella Halford ’18, Students for Change co-heads.

To kick-off a year filled with cross-class bonding, school spirit and unity, students met in Brauer Auditorium, where senior-leaders revealed their “families.” Then, each group met separately throughout the Upper School to make introductions and play icebreaker games, coming back together at the McDonnell Athletic Center for group activities.

Ninth grader Nikki Garaygay ’21 shared, “The Ram-Fams kick-off was such a good way to connect with people from other grades. As a new student, I don’t know many people from the upper grades or everyone in my 9th grade class, so Ram-Fams helped me meet people I normally wouldn’t.”