New Athletic Facilities

The Next Era of #RamNation


Holtman Stadium and O’Hara Field

O’Hara Field is a turf field that allows us to strengthen our athletic program and regional presence as well as increase frequency of use through decreased maintenance requirements. Enhancing O’Hara Field is Holtman Stadium, which accommodates 1,000 fans for football, soccer and lacrosse games. It includes a new concession/pregame pavilion, press box, locker rooms, team rooms and training rooms.

Holekamp Track and Field Stadium

The Holekamp Track and Field Stadium—which replaces the Howard Stephens Jr. Field House—is a newly built structure that seats 400 fans and is the new home for the track and field team. The existing Ellis Field will be used for Junior Varsity practices, physical education classes and general recreation.

Steward Family Aquatic Center and William Orthwein Sr. Pool

The Steward Family Aquatic Center is a 27,505 square-foot structure that honors the architectural context of McDonnell Gymnasium. The 40M by 25-yard William R. Orthwein Sr. Pool features a 10-lane stretch pool with a moveable bulkhead for simultaneous uses. The moveable floor bottom allows the School to accommodate the needs of various programs—from physical education classes to swim and water polo practices. Enter the Center from the Upper School campus quad and experience a dramatic two-story entrance and observation area that provides floor-to-ceiling outdoor views of campus. The Steward Family Aquatic Center connects to McDonnell Gymnasium through the extended Hall of Fame.