MS Talent Show Acts Are Out of This World

Student stars shone brightly at the 2019 Middle School Talent Show. The theme of the show was Out of This World, and our performers blasted off with a variety of acts. Planets and a green alien decorated the stage in Eliot Chapel, and students dressed in festive “space” attire filled the seats. STUCO kicked off the event with two funny videos: one on how to sit safely in the auditorium, and another starring teachers that had the crowd in stitches.

Eighth grade band The Attic got the crowd rocking, and the show took off from there. Fifth and sixth graders offered gorgeous piano and vocal performances, and a monologue from Hamlet. Seventh graders performed an elegant ballet pointe dance with live piano, a magic show and a peppy song featuring the ukulele. Eighth grade performances rounded out the show with singing and more piano, and an original ukulele performance about refugees. Even faculty got into the fun, showing a Carpool Karaoke-style video to “Groove is in the Heart.”

In between grade performances, the best-dressed students were crowned with tiaras and top hats, and were awarded the opportunity to skip the lunch line. STUCO peppered the show with space jokes, like “What’s an astronaut’s favorite key? The SPACE bar!”

Faculty judges pronounced The Attic the winner of the 2019 Middle School Talent Show, and the crowd erupted in applause. Congratulations to STUCO for producing a wonderful show and to our talented students who performed.

Check out the video: