Middle and Upper Schools Host Annual Diversity Leadership Conferences

Both Middle and Upper Schoolers invited students from area schools to campus for their annual Diversity Leadership Conferences. In the Middle School, the conference theme, “Interrupting Bias: Being an Upstander,” spoke to our Mission to prepare students to stand for what is good and right. Upper Schoolers focused on unity for their conference with the theme “Allies in Action: Uniting our Community.”

“The Diversity Leadership Conference meant a lot to me. I look forward to it every year because we get to challenge ourselves socially. The knowledge and understanding we acquire on that day is extremely valuable.” ­—Cara Johnson

For this year’s conferences, MICDS welcomed students from Chaminade, Ladue, St. Michael School of Clayton, De Smet, Visitation, Lutheran North, Nerinx and others.

“It was great to see so many schools participating in this year’s conference,” said Head of Upper School Scott Small. “I was impressed by the enthusiasm and engagement of the [Upper School] students and love their expressed commitment to be leaders and upstanders in the St. Louis community.”

For both conferences, students kicked off the day with a group activity to show how they are all alike, different and special. Throughout the events, MICDS students served as peer leaders and facilitators for several activities, discussions and group sessions.

The conferences wrapped up with students and faculty members sharing what they learned with the larger group and brainstorming topics for next year’s conferences.