Middle School Field Trip Combines Art, Math and Writing

Sixth graders took their annual field trip to Laumeier Sculpture Park, though the trip was more than just a walk in the park. The students were assigned a project entitled “One Sculpture–Three Stories,” which was designed to help students see the sculptures from multiple perspectives.

Prior to the trip, students learned specific math concepts, and at the park, they applied those concepts by choosing a sculpture, recording measurements and making calculations. When students returned to MICDS, they created small replicas of their assigned sculptures in the art studio, co-wrote a creative writing piece and presented to their classmates.

“Groups that worked on the same sculptures were in the same presentation group so they could see and hear the different creative perspectives,” said Middle School Art Teacher JoAnne Vogel.

“The purpose of the ’One Sculpture–Three Stories’ project is twofold,” continued Vogel. “It is about looking at a situation, trying to see it from multiple perspectives, solidifying your understanding and recognizing your bias. A more enriching, creative journey is possible by exploring multiple perspectives.”