A Message from Lisa Lyle

I write this letter on the final day before spring break, and excitement is in the air. For those of you who are alumni, you’ve been eagerly awaiting this issue and with it the welcome return of Class Notes. As you will soon see, the call for news from alumni created a tsunami! In this issue, you will find more than 35 pages of news from alumni and alumnae. Let me give a shout-out to Anne Stupp McAlpin ’64, Libby Hall McDonnell ’58 and Cliff Saxton ’64, who helped not only advocate for the return of printed Class Notes but also helped proof! The process of adding Class Notes into our magazine offered the opportunity to reimagine its design. This is the first piece in our visual rollout of updated materials. I hope you will enjoy its fresh new look and will also take time to explore the bonus content included in a new digital version located on our website at magazine.micds.org.

While you’re likely already a fan of Sterling K. Brown, you perhaps didn’t know that he graduated from MICDS in 1994 before heading off to Stanford and then earning an MFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Sterling won an Emmy last year for his portrayal of Christopher Darden in The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story. The first season of the NBC hit drama This Is Us just ended, and, of his portrayal as Randall Pearson, Slate’s David Canfield wrote, “he’s not only stealing scenes with a strikingly layered performance but emerging as the key to [the show’s] success.” You’ll enjoy reading Debbie Higgins’ interview with him in this issue of MICDS Magazine.

A few days ago, I was walking with Ellie as a few kids were coming off Thomas Field. One young man reached down to rub her ear and asked, with some measure of skepticism, if she were really the school dog. “Yes, “I replied. “She is!” at that point, his face beamed with a toothy smile and his fist shot into the air, as he yelled a victorious “YES!”

Ellie, our four-month old yellow lab, was a gift from a generous group of donors at the Red and Green Masquerade Party. Having Ellie at MICDS has been magical for the school community:  students and adults of all ages are drawn to puppies, and just having her with me means kids and adults alike are eager to pet her and chat. One colleague brought her chew toys and another dog treats. Students and colleagues stop by the office just to say hello, take her for walks and ask about her when she’s not with me. She hangs out in Upper School in my husband’s classroom (he teaches Spanish) or in the Upper School Office.

She’s become a bit of a celebrity. Students have set up an Instagram account for her (@micdsdog) and featured her in the Ram Report, a video program that comes out every month or so. Ellie has a very busy schedule and we’re starting to wonder if she needs her own Google calendar! She chose the winner for a Chinese New Year Quiz Show, was invited to Senior Kindergarten for Dr. Seuss Day to be an “animal” and will attend the Middle School Spring Fling.

Here’s to a wonderful spring!


Lisa Lyle