Making a Gift Above and Beyond

MICDS Employee, Parent Allison Light Prioritizes Planned Giving

Director of Annual Giving Allison Light not only talks the talk; she also walks the walk. A seasoned fundraiser, Allison Light has been leading the Annual Fund since 2007 with great success. But there’s more to Allison than her position. She’s also a mom of two MICDS students, Mia Krieger ’24 and Charlie Krieger ’27. And that combination, 11 years as an employee and seven years as an MICDS parent, has given her much to appreciate about the School. It’s also what led her to make a personal commitment to MICDS beyond her own niche. We are proud and honored to welcome Allison into the Eliot & Thompson Society for planned giving donors.

Q. You’ve made arrangements to include MICDS in your will for the purpose of Tuition Benefit. What inspired such thoughtful generosity at this time?

A. I feel so touched by the generous benefits at MICDS, particularly the Tuition Benefit Fund which makes tuition more affordable for me and my colleagues. I see the payoff through my children, their experiences, the connections they make in learning, and the custom-built education they receive that plays to their individual strengths and opportunities.

Q. Why, as a parent of current students, do you continue to support the School beyond the Annual Fund?

A. As an insider, I understand deeply the financial workings of the School, as well as the School’s goals to maintain a sustainable financial base. I see the existing need to build endowment in the specific area of Tuition Benefit and understand that we have to build it to remain a competitive place of employment compared to our peer schools both locally and nationally. I also understand that the School can’t move funds around as easily as people think. A stream of philanthropic support to multiple funding areas allows the School to plan with confidence for the current year and future years. The School has a rich tradition of full community support and I wanted to be a part of that.

Q. What impact do you hope your gift will have on MICDS?

A. I want others to feel as moved as I do. I want them to feel blessed by the fact that MICDS is an educational option within financial reach because of the Tuition Benefit Fund. I made arrangements to support this portion of the endowment with the hope that I can create this feeling in others in perpetuity!

Q. Is there an aspect of MICDS that you find particularly valuable?

A. MICDS has become an extension of our family. And the MICDS family is one that consistently seeks growth, asking “What can we improve? How can we improve?” That guiding principle is both inspiring and exciting!

Q. If you were to encourage others to give, what reasons would you suggest to them?

A. When we are philanthropic, we create conditions for others to thrive. Being philanthropic at MICDS means supporting our stellar faculty, small classroom sizes, and individualized learning opportunities; for me, it means contributing to the future.

Q. Tell me how you arrived at the decision to include MICDS in your will.

A. I was setting up my will and had to examine all the different beneficiary options and it just made sense. As an employee in the Alumni & Development office, everyday I see our Bold Action Campaign totals, and wanted to help support this area that still needs funding. It was a no-brainer.

Q. What impact do you see the School/teachers having on your own childrens’ lives?

A. I see this daily. Our teachers are each so unique so they’re able to broaden my child’s world view in unique ways. My children are developing deep relationships with their teachers where they feel safe to learn and grow whether that’s through a complex word problem in Math or on Student Council or in learning how to organize facts for a special presentation. All of these small experiences over the course of time are additive to the growth of my children into their own unique whole beings.

*The Eliot & Thompson Society honors all those who have taken the special step of including MICDS in their long-term plans through a bequest provision in their will or trust, a life-income gift, life insurance policy, retirement plan, or other estate-related giving arrangement. If you are interested in joining the Eliot & Thompson Society, or would like to see detailed financial illustrations of the projected benefits you could receive from making a deferred gift to MICDS, please contact Kalleen Rose, Director of Major & Planned Gifts, at 314-995-7455 or We cordially invite you to join this special circle of visionary donors!