Lower School Gallery Night Brings Art to Life

“When I show my artwork to people, it makes me feel proud of myself because other people get to look at my art. And the more they look at my art the more they get inspired to make art too,” said MICDS Lower School 1st grader Rylee Day ’24 as she reflected on the annual Beasley Art Gallery Night, a chance for JK-4th graders to showcase the masterpieces they created throughout the year.

During this year’s event held in spring, beautiful display boards filled the hallways and a three-dimensional art gallery transformed the cafeteria. Students also performed musical pieces, and interactive art activities were a hit with visitors. Greeting cards for purchase, made by the students, were the “hot ticket” item of the night. Sales raised over $500 for Pennies for Peru.

Sarah Garner, Lower School Art Teacher, sees Gallery Night as a chance to applaud the students on their artistic endeavors from the entire year. “The young artists lead their families and friends around the halls beaming with pride when they get to celebrate their creativity. It is magical to see a child’s face light up as they talk about the art they made.”