Love for Lauren

The MICDS Cheerleaders are sharing their skills—and spreading the love! This fall, the team held a cheer and dance clinic for Lower School students, which culminated in a performance during the last Rams home Football game of the regular season. Proceeds from the clinic went to help fund medical treatment for Lauren Oxenhandler ’05, an alumna and former MICDS cheerleader who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Lauren shared, “I am humbled by the efforts of the cheerleading community for their generous support during this difficult time in my life. I am grateful to have been able to see the cheer clinic attendees perform. It was a great show!”

After graduating from MICDS, Lauren studied sociology at DePaul University and received her master’s degree in public administration at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Upon returning to the U.S., Lauren worked for many years in higher education human resources and is passionate about empowering young candidates in their job searches. With these skills, she recently started her own business, Lauren Elise LLC, as a Career Coach. Since being diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) in July, Lauren recently finished her full course of chemotherapy. Depending on the results, possible surgery and radiation will follow.

Proceeds from the cheer and dance clinic were donated to the website and placed in Lauren’s name. Funds that are not needed for direct support of Lauren’s care will be donated to the Young Survival Coalition.