Lives of Purpose and Service – Even in Quarantine

Although the MICDS community was physically spread out during distance learning, the kindness and commitment to service that binds our community continued. Students, faculty, staff, and parents developed creative ways to share joy and reaffirm their commitment to each other and to our broader community. Here is a sampling of community service projects members of the community embarked upon during quarantine.

  • Lower School artists participated in the Students Rebuild Challenge as part of their art curriculum during distance learning. The challenge tasked participants with creating an “art recipe” to help end hunger and food insecurity. “An art recipe is part art project, part philanthropy, and part immersion in global learning,” shared Lower School Visual Arts Teacher Sarah Garner. “Beasley artists were invited to create an art recipe that included ingredients and instructions for a recipe with illustrations. For every art recipe submitted, the Bezos Family Foundation donated money to fight hunger.”
  • A community-wide mask sewing and donation effort, spearheaded by Michelle Icaza, mother of Lucas Icaza ’20, generated about 6,000 masks. The homemade masks were donated and delivered to local hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Several faculty members and students such as Lucas McCarty ’21 worked independently to develop designs and build prototypes for 3D-printed personal protective equipment (PPE) and other needed medical equipment.
  • Early in the pandemic, after seeing reports of hospitals running low on PPE, JK-12 Science Department Chair Bob Shaw swung into action. The science department collected spare gloves and eye goggles from science labs that they would not be needing due to distance learning and donated several boxes of PPE to local medical professionals.
  • Norah Wright ’25 used medical-grade material to sew 66 sterilizable and re-usable hospital masks, donating them to a local hospital.
  • Aryan Motwani ’21 activated his nonprofit ACE Academy to help alleviate the burden on the medical community by providing PPE to St. Louis-area nursing homes.
  • Katherine Speckhals ’29 played music on her ukulele and recorder and performed dances with a friend to lift spirits in their neighborhood and raise money for the St. Louis Area Food Bank.
  • MICDS’ food service partner, FLIK Hospitality Group, organized perishable foods to donate to those in need through Operation Food Search. In addition, MICDS and FLIK provided lunch pick-up service throughout distance learning for all interested MICDS students. Families could also choose to donate their meal to someone in need.
  • Skye Patton ’23 started an organization called GOOD, which makes and sells custom t-shirts. 100% of the profits go to Project C.U.R.E. and the Environmental Defense Fund. Project C.U.R.E. provides medical officials with boxes of the most desired supplies to help prevent the virus from spreading.