Lesser Known Impacts of the Bold Action Campaign

When you think about the Bold Action Campaign, you probably think about academic excellence, accelerated athletics and enhanced endowment. But what you probably don’t know are the many other ways the Campaign shapes all corners of our campus—including our facilities
and operations. For instance:

  • Students now have easier access to collaborative and faculty mentorship because of the location and structure of the new Faculty Work Center in McDonnell Hall and Brauer Hall and the new Academic Center in the basement of May Hall.
  • McDonnell Hall and Brauer Hall offers twice the square footage for classroom space than the two buildings it replaced.
  • Brauer Auditorium offers the entire Upper School— including faculty, staff and students—a place for all to gather.
  • The solar panels in the McDonnell Hall and Brauer Hall were designed to provide 18% of the building’s energy.
  • The Rainwater Harvesting system in STEM recycles water for the greenhouse and toilet systems in that building.
  • MICDS now has five bio-retention systems across campus.
  • Through the Campaign, we added 18,000 native-Missouri plants and nearly 500 native- Missouri trees campus-wide.
  • The native plants near McDonnell Hall and Brauer Hall significantly reduce the need for irrigation and manicured lawns in that area.
  • Students now benefit from the creation of several outdoor classrooms on campus.
  • 8,000-square-feet of porous concrete parking spaces and open vegetation allow for water infiltration and a reduction in contaminants and pollutants.
  • Holekamp Stadium is ADA compliant.


The next time you walk through campus and admire the new facilities, we invite you to think about how the Bold Action Campaign’s commitment to great teaching and learning extends into every square-inch of campus. Thank you for your contributions!