Kindness Rocks

Beasley students learn quickly the importance of kindness. From Morning Meetings to lunches and more, kindness is discussed and modeled as part of our overall social-emotional learning program. In the fall, students helped bring kindness to life in a physical way.

To help students begin thinking about kindness, classes watched the Seeds of Happiness video from last year. As they watched, they thought about how they share kindness with others through their words and actions, and they reflected on what kindness is and how it can make someone feel.

On a beautiful, crisp fall morning, students and teachers gathered on the Beasley playground to take an all-school photograph. As they headed outside to a song about peace and joy from Mrs. Barb Spieler, Lower School Music Teacher, they were encouraged to quietly think about ways they could show kindness throughout the day.

Head of Lower School Ms. Amy Scheer welcomed everyone and spoke about “planting” kindness rocks that were painted last year. “Planting” means that the students placed the rocks on top of the mulch in the area by the sidewalks under the classroom windows where everyone who passes by can enjoy them.

Before they could create their kindness rock garden, though, students enjoyed mindfulness activities led by Mrs. Missy Heinemann, Lower and Middle School Drama Teacher. Once the mood was set, Mrs. Spieler played more music as students quietly and reflectively picked up the kindness rocks by class and placed them in the mulch. Then the entire Lower School returned to their classrooms focused on kindness and ready to spread it wherever they go.

A special thank you to Mrs. Sarah Garner, Visual Art Specialist, for working with the children to create the rocks and planning this kindness operation! Be sure to stop by the Beasley playground if you have a chance, and soak up the kindness from this beautiful rock garden.