Kindness “Rocks” the Lower School

Lower School students “planted” kindness rocks in a newly established Kindness Garden on the Beasley Playground. The entire division participated in the event, which began in the cafeteria. Students were instructed to enter peacefully and quietly and were encouraged to think about ways in which they could show kindness throughout the day.

After a short presentation by Head of Lower School Janet McMillion, students began mindfulness activities, including breathing exercises and sharing a “kindness squeeze,” during which students held hands and gave a squeeze down the line until it reached the other end. Then the students reflectively moved outside to place the rocks.

“This rock will help people smile,” said one student. “My rock says ’joy’ on it, and I think that will grow into spreading joy to the entire School,” said another student.

The kindness rocks were painted last spring, and the “planting” took place along the west-facing wall of the Lower School. Each grade level had a different rock to represent their class. The rocks are meant to provide a daily reminder of how students can share kindness with their classmates.