Head of School and Board Leading Together

MICDS Board of Trustees Chair Michelle Leith Cohen ’88 and MICDS Head of School Jay Rainey.

As Jay Rainey settles into his role as Head of School at MICDS, the Board of Trustees outlined a clear charge to him to establish priorities in his first few years. The charge will be revisited and updated from time to time as progress is made in achieving goals and as new opportunities and challenges arise.

MICDS Board of Trustees Charge to Jay Rainey:

  • Be a visible, accessible and approachable leader who invites and respects all viewpoints.
  • Foster a welcoming School community where every student, family and faculty member feels a sense of belonging and connection.
  • Unite students, parents, faculty and alumni in a shared commitment to excellence and high standards of scholarship, citizenship and personal responsibility.
  • Advance MICDS’ tradition of educational excellence and innovation with exceptional curricular and co-curricular programming and teaching.
  • Live and articulate the School’s educational vision to inspire, unite and motivate all constituencies.
  • Engender a spirit of compassion and empathy among students and faculty.
  • Continue to build an understanding of and support for inclusion initiatives and cultural competency.
  • Promote and inspire a collective spirit of joy and love of School.

Mr. Rainey is also charged with continuing ongoing School objectives:

  • Apply a collaborative yet decisive leadership approach that, through appropriate delegation, effectively draws on the commitment, energy and wisdom present in the faculty, staff, Board of Trustees and broader MICDS community.
  • Communicate effectively with faculty, parents, students, alumni and the Board of Trustees, keeping these groups appropriately informed of successes, potential issues and/or needs.
  • Uphold MICDS’ Mission and continue implementation of the 2015-2022 Strategic Plan.
  • Lead ISACS accreditation, self-study and development of the next Strategic Plan in partnership with the Board of Trustees.
  • Work in a true partnership with the Board of Trustees in governance and leadership of the School.
  • Attract and retain talented, committed and diverse teachers and administrators.
  • Oversee strategic external affairs, including admissions, fundraising, marketing, college counseling, risk management and broader community involvement.
  • Promote the School’s financial sustainability and exercise prudent fiscal and facilities management.
  • Foster a culture of philanthropy and partner with the Board of Trustees in fundraising efforts.