Greenleaves Literary Magazine Wows Readers With Poetry, Prose, and Art

The Greenleaves Literary Review Magazine editorial team demonstrated their commitment to each other and to the creative spirit of the Upper School community with the successful production of one of the best issues of the magazine yet. Editor-in-chief Amarah Friedman ’20, co-editors Mimi Brown ’21, Ananya Radhakrishnan ’21, and Akshara Sriram ’22, and faculty sponsor Upper School English Teacher Dr. Julia Hansen collaborated virtually to fulfill the mission of the publication, even under challenging circumstances.

The editorial team developed a deeply collaborative culture throughout the year, which paid dividends during distance learning. The team rallied over email and Zoom, extending the submission deadline, soliciting work produced during and about quarantine, and moving to a digital edition.

“They did more than produce an issue together,” Hansen said of the student editors. “Rooted in their respect and care for each other, as well as in their knowledge of each other and their community, they’ve made something beautiful—something that none of them could have created entirely on their own—that they can share with others in this time of uncertainty.”

“I feel that Greenleaves represents a freedom for the students—the opportunity to be published is exciting, no matter how big or small the issue is,” said Friedman. “It’s also an opportunity for writers to show pieces of themselves.”

“I believe that an artist sharing work is like exposing a piece of their soul; it takes courage and confidence to want to be seen.”

Amarah Friedman ’20

Please enjoy a selection of literary works from this year’s publication below.

To Amarah, a dedication poem by co-editors Mimi Brown ’21Ananya Radhakrishnan ’21 and Akshara Sriram ’22 to editor-in-chief Amarah Friedman ’20
Editor’s Note, nonfiction prose by editor-in-chief Amarah Friedman ’20
A Letter from a Stolen Heart, a poem by Mimi Brown ’21
The Rigged Game, a sonnet about social media and teenagers by Akshara Sriram ’22
My Saveless Hero, a poem by Nanayaa Ashie-Winns ’21
The Peacock House, prose by Anonymous
/it/: the true meaning of knowing, a poem by Anonymous
A Martian Asked, a poem by Anonymous
No literary magazine would be complete without beautiful works of visual art spattered throughout, and Greenleaves features several particularly expressive artistic works. A few examples include:

Picnic by Quentin Dunne ’21, a piece made from old issues of National Geographic, featured as the cover page of the issue
Untitled by Sophia Weber ’21
Diligence by Maya Pinz ’20
Growth by Kendall Rozen ’21

Thank you to the editorial team and all of the student contributors for a wonderful digital issue of Greenleaves! You have, once again, made the MICDS community proud.