Why I Give: Julie Ralph

Julie Ralph, parent of Walter ’21 and Philip ’23, shares why she and her husband, Eric, support MICDS.

Why do we give to MICDS? There are many reasons.

50 Hours – The average time Walter ‘21 and Philip ’23 each spend weekly at school. For all the moments where our sons are known, valued, supported and believed in, we support the MICDS Fund.

Sitting in Walter’s seventh grade advisory conference as Tim Canavan reassuringly tells him, “Preparedness lessens anxiety.” Listening during his tenth grade advisory conference while Christopher Barker looks at him and says, “I have your back.” Attending Walter’s eleventh grade math conference as Melanie Moody looks at him and says, “You can do this, I know you can.” Walter being known, supported, and valued by Dean Ludbrook. For these moments, we support the MICDS Fund.

Philip heading off to ninth grade happy and desiring challenge, even while missing Will Shockley’s and Darrett Thompson’s middle school classes. Seeing him engaged by Changa Bey’s history class and embracing the challenge of science with extra help from Annie Knapp. Philip receiving support and guidance from Dean Gioia when faced with a challenge. For these moments, we support the MICDS Fund.

Moments of excitement as Walter and Philip play together on the soccer field. Scoring a winning goal. A hat trick. Losing and managing the intense disappointment with support from teammates and Coach Fischer. For these moments, we support the MICDS Fund.

For all the other faculty and staff who meaningfully impact ours sons’ learning and development and for all the other moments that are joyful, frustrating, rewarding, challenging, invigorating, and worrisome, Eric and I support the MICDS Fund. We hope you will, too.