Why We Give: Faculty Share Why Giving Back Is So Important

The MICDS Faculty does so much more than teach students. They invest their time and talent daily in the lives of each and every child here on campus. They extend their service by giving to the MICDS Fund, standing behind our mission and values and encouraging others to support the School. This year 98% of our faculty participated in the MICDS Fund. Follow their lead and support our School through a gift to the MICDS Fund.

Ms. Celeste Prince, teacher at MICDS.“I’m here for all students, especially students from families like mine: single-parent, lower-income and looking for better opportunities. Tuition can be a major obstacle for many families, but the MICDS Fund helps provide financial aid for tuition and extracurricular programs for those in need, allowing our community to be more inclusive for families of all backgrounds. When I donate, I picture my dollars offering a student college test prep, time in the Maker Space or the opportunity to just be here when they didn’t think it was an option.”

Celeste Prince, 3 years of service, Upper School English Teacher, Assistant Middle School Cross Country Coach, Assistant Upper School Track and Field Coach


Ms. Jayme Zimmer, teacher at MICDS.“I give to the MICDS Fund to represent faculty as an integral, thriving component of the community and as a personal expression of my love for MICDS. I am grateful for all that MICDS provides for me and my family.”

Jayme Zimmer, 12 years of service, Middle School Art Teacher, Co-Director of the Middle School Open Art Studio, parent of Lucy ’23 and Lainie ’26



Chris Brennan ’94, teacher at MICDS“I give annually to MICDS for several reasons: First and foremost, it’s a physical way to acknowledge the growth I see on so many levels. It’s a way to let the School know that ‘I trust you, you’ve got my support,’ even if it was a particularly challenging year institutionally. And most importantly, it’s a way to show the pride I have in my current and former students and my ’94 classmates.”

Chris Brennan ’94, 9 years of service, 4th grade Lead Teacher, Upper School Squash Coach, Upper School Water Polo Coach



Mr. Jim Lohr, teacher at MICDS“In the Beasley School, I am fortunate to witness great teaching and learning every day. I give back to help provide professional development opportunities for my colleagues, financial aid for our students as well as exceptional classroom resources to support our curriculum. So many areas are positively affected by annual giving and in the end, it is our students who benefit the most.”

Jim Lohr, 23 years of service, Lower School PE Teacher, Head Track and Field Coach, Head Girls Cross Country Coach