Frosty Days for Lower School P.E.

Winter in St. Louis can certainly be frosty, but that didn’t stop our Lower School P.E. Teachers Jim Lohr and Sue Orlando from connecting our students with the great outdoors. Our in-person Lower School students participated in physical education activities outside on the MICDS athletic fields unless the forecast called for heavy rain. Students learning from home were encouraged to step outside for their daily activity sessions.

Conducting Lower School P.E. classes outdoors provided a safe experience for students and a fast progression on movement skills. Lohr and Orlando taught one grade level at a time, separated into stations by cohort and without much “touchable” equipment. “I really like the laps, but some people don’t like it,” said Ford G. ’31.

Lohr said, “We had kids accomplishing skill milestones earlier in the year due to the increased focus on specific physical exercises versus mastering a game within a unit. “When parents report that their kids are talking excitedly about P.E. at home, that’s always a good sign.”

When it snowed, our 2nd grade students enjoyed the opportunity to make snow angels, build snowballs and snowpeople, and repurpose campus cardboard into sleds. “We always do exercises, and it’s fun to do it outside. I like sliding and making snowballs,” said Brooke S. ’31.

With a bit of help from Mother Nature, our students remain inspired to achieve their fitness goals. Nyle M. ’31 enjoyed the daily activity and new challenges. “I like when we have to do exercises because I feel excited and happy. Snow angels are fun, and I like to try and make snowballs, but I’m not very good at it yet.”