Fourth Graders Tell Tall Tales

Under the direction of Lower School Drama Teacher Rich Ives, 4th grade students learn what it takes to prepare for and perform a full-scale theatrical production. This year, the Class of 2025 performed The Tall Tale Tournament, a musical based on the play by Claire Boiko.

In this “rip-roaring hootenanny,” members of the Tall Tale Jury listen to contestants as they tell the tales of several legends of American folklore. The jury then determines which character is telling the tallest of tall tales. Contestants include Paul Bunyan, Mike Fink, Calamity Jane, Pecos Bill, Slue Foot Sue and Davey Crockett.

Ives enjoys working with the students to shape their characters. “They reach far beyond themselves, yet their personalities always shine through,” said Ives. “The students did an amazing job picking each other up when things went awry; I am proud of their resilience in and out of the spotlight.”