Educators Convene at MICDS for STLinSTL

5th annual conference focused on transformative teaching and learning

More than 350 educators from 15 states traveled to St. Louis in June to spend three days learning and engaging with peers on the MICDS campus. The Summit for Transformative Learning (STLinSTL) offered 90 conference sessions that brought experts and educators together in small group settings to explore new ideas for maximizing student engagement and learning.

Attendees chose from sessions related to the conference’s themes: Amplifying STEM, Best Practices in Pedagogy and Assessment, Contemporary Literacy and Fostering Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Schools. Fifteen MICDS faculty members were among the presenters, including Patrick Woessner, Amy Scheer, Tex Tourais, Dr. Tanya Roth, Tiffany D’Addario, Erica Moore, Dr. Jody Marberry, Sarah Levine, Carla Federman, Grace Barlow, Maggie Dunson, Marshall McCurties, Stacey Morgan, Bob Shaw and Lynn Mittler.

Elizabeth Helfant, Coordinator of Pedagogical Innovation and director of STLinSTL, said, “As learning scientists, we need to make smart, measurable goals to ensure we are perfecting our practice. We aren’t doing something new–we are doing what we do better, and what research shows works best for learning.”