Domestic Exchange Program Offers Students New Perspectives

MICDS recently joined a domestic exchange program called The Network of Complementary Schools, or “The Network.” In our first round, MICDS hosted three students from schools in New Jersey, Virginia, and Massachusetts. Thus far, two of our 10th graders, Noah Kleinlehrer ’22 and Sebastian Ashman ’22, participated in a two-week exchange in December. They attended Quinter High School, a small, public high school in Quinter, Kansas.

With this program, students experience the diversity of our own country while learning to travel independently and navigating a new cultural environment. Kleinlehrer and Ashman had unique cultural experiences outside of attending classes. They visited a chemical plant, a dairy farm, a sheep farm, a cattle auction, a Catholic Church, and Castle Rock. They rode horses and even saw real-life cowboys. Ashman also witnessed the installation of an oil well and drove a tractor. Kleinlehrer went pheasant hunting and rode a horse for the first time.

What a world of new experiences, fresh perspectives, and wonderful connections within our own country!