A Cross-School Experience

The power and inspiration behind being a JK-12 School is evident every week at MICDS! One example of this collaborative learning happened this spring, when Beasley science students received a special visit from Upper School AP Chemistry students to learn important lessons on how the world works.

Upper School students Jordan Rothrock ’19 and Jennifer Goldberg ’19 asked Lower School students to model states of matter through movement as they walked in closely together and in slow motion as a solid and more quickly and spread apart to imitate a liquid. From there, the mentors wowed their young pupils by filling a balloon with carbon dioxide gas caused by a reaction between baking soda and vinegar.

Lastly, students played with “Oobleck,” a non-Newtonian fluid that takes on characteristics of both solid and liquid based on the force exerted around it.

“It was such a great experience being able to share some of what I learned this year in AP Chemistry with the JK students and watching their excitement during our lesson,” said Jennifer. “I loved how our final project not only gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our knowledge, but it also allowed us to have fun and inspire the little ones at the same time!”

With such a solid lesson, the Beasley students walked away with a greater understanding of how chemistry works in the world around them.