Completing the Circle

Cassandra Galluppi ’10 returned to MICDS as a Camp Pegasus counselor last summer before taking a position as a Middle School STEM Apprentice Teacher. Here are her thoughts on her experience.

There are many things I find myself saying or doing that I can trace back to MICDS. As I transition from a researcher into an educator, I use my MICDS teachers for inspiration. I had the privilege of studying at the feet of so many charismatic, patient and generous educators, and I think about their teaching styles and use those memories to try to improve my own. If I can even come close to emulating the staggering number of favorite teachers I had at MICDS, I’ll be doing right by my students.

My teaching philosophy centers around helping students develop their critical thinking abilities and increasing their sense of self-worth. I believe in giving each student a measure of agency in relation to their own education, and in doing so, I hope to increase their engagement with the material and make them feel empowered as learners.