Artist Cbabi Bayoc Spends A Day With Lower School Students

As the culmination to their study of St. Louis-based artist Cbabi Bayoc, Lower School students had the opportunity to observe him working on a painting in the Beasley Studio and ask questions about his creative process. Throughout the day, Cbabi worked on a painting of a “be inspired” tree made out of word art. Skyler Jackson ’25 was more than happy to assist him.

“Art is magical. With it, you can make a chair into a person or spaghetti into a bridge.”

-Cbabi Bayoc
St. Louis-based artist

“Painting with Mr. Cbabi yesterday was AMAZING. It was the best day ever,” Skyler said. “I used to think that I would be a professional athlete when I grew up and do art when I retired, but now what I really want to do every day is to be an artist. If I could spend every day doing art I would be the happiest person ever.”

While he worked, Cbabi shared his story and offered words of advice. He told students that he doesn’t make mistakes in his art. “Marks and lines just happen. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. If they don’t, just cover them up and keep going.” When asked why he liked art, Cbabi replied, “Art is magical. With it, you can make a chair into a person or spaghetti into a bridge.”

Prior to Cbabi’s visit, Lower School Art Teacher Sarah Garner led students through a study of the images of children that Cbabi has painted to celebrate diversity. Students particularly loved a series featuring children wearing All-Star Converse shoes. “The goal of the series was to show children as strong and powerful and as ‘all-stars,’ showing diversity and differences as a thing of beauty,” said Garner. “Our Beasley artists really connected with these paintings, because they can relate to standing up for the differences that make us unique and strong.”


The St. Louis based-artist created this painting throughout his day at Beasley as he talked about techniques