“Best All-Around Girl” Janet Ann MacCarthy Parke ’54 Leaves Legacy to MICDS

Dust off a 1954 Mary Institute Chronicle and a bouquet of acclaim for Janet Ann MacCarthy Parke tumbles from its pages. Voted “#1 Best All-Around Girl” by her classmates on one page, and renowned as “full of pep” and “sparkling personality” on another, it’s no wonder her senior picture boasts: “The Class of ’54 couldn’t do without her.”

Best known by her classmates as “Mac,” Ann “was one of the people who made the class very special,” recalls good friend and classmate Talbot Leland MacCarthy ’54 (who later married Ann’s cousin, Peter MacCarthy ’50). “She loved to laugh, loved to have a good time, and was a talented team player in so many ways. In sports, she was one of only two girls to make the Varsity team in every sport.”

And now, even after Ann’s passing last year, it’s clear her heart stayed with her Mary Institute teammates through her entire life. Several months ago, the School received word that Ann had quietly left MICDS in her estate plans. Without pomp and circumstance, she simply supported her team by establishing an unrestricted endowed fund for MICDS to use at its discretion— a most generous last gift to the School where she formed lasting friendships.

“She really loved Mary I and was very proud of her class,” says Talbot. “In fact, she left college early to start working in the Athletic Department at MI for 15 years. She eventually finished her degree at Washington University and gave credit to Ronald Beasley (then Headmaster of Mary Institute) for encouraging her to finish school. She was a great admirer of his.”

And we suspect he was a great admirer of hers as well. In his letter to the senior class, Mr. Beasley wrote: “One of the most happy characteristics of the Mary Institute Class of 1954 has been your sense of unity.” Now, 66 years later, we celebrate “Mac,” her leadership, and her continued commitment to that sense of unity by accommodating her alma mater in her final plans. If we could rewrite her Chronicle page today, we would proudly add the distinguished accolades “Lifetime Team Player and Member, Eliot & Thompson Society.”

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