Around the World in a Day

Sixth Graders Expand Their Knowledge on World Religions

This spring, 6th grade students took a trip around the world—right here in their own backyard. For their world religions unit in history class, students visited the Hindu Temple of Saint Louis, Temple Emmanuel, the Islamic Foundation of Saint Louis and Saint Francis Xavier College Church on the St. Louis University campus.

Sixth grade students in front of the Hindu Temple in St. Louis

One of the highlights for 6th grade student Happy Phatak ’23 was sharing a piece of her own culture with her classmates at the Hindu Temple of Saint Louis. She said, “I go to worship there every week. It’s a very nice place to go, and it was very cool to show all my friends about my religion.”

Sixth Grade Dean and History Teacher Mark Duvall shared, “The trip provided a great experience for our 6th grade students to learn about the many different faiths within our world.

Our hope is that these experiences will strengthen our students’ ability to understand and respect different cultures and belief systems.

It was especially exciting to see students explain their own faith to fellow 6th graders at a particular place of worship.”