A Tribute to Trudy

For faculty and staff who send their children to MICDS, every day is Valentine’s Day. Trudy Valentine, a former MICDS parent, lost her husband in 2002. And after a decade watching teachers support and mentor her own children after the loss of their father, she created the Valentine Family Tuition Support Fund at MICDS, which increases the tuition benefit and allows faculty and staff to send their children to the same place where they’ve invested years of their own time and talent.

“It was incredible for my children to be [at MICDS] during that difficult time,” said Trudy. “They had the opportunity to bond with several teachers who were so important in their lives. Attending a school with teachers who cared for them and helped to raise them was essential. Teachers can do so much to help a child, particularly when they go through difficult and critical times in their lives.”

Because of her generous support, MICDS faculty and staff wanted to say a big “Thank You” to Trudy. So, on October 4, nearly 100 faculty, staff and students gathered in Mary Eliot Chapel to show their appreciation. As Trudy shook hands and received hugs, thank you cards and drawings from the youngest attendees, faculty and staff shared the profound impact her giving has on their lives.

MICDS Physical Education and Dance Coordinator Summer Beasley described being able to send her daughter, Elika ’30, to MICDS as “priceless.” She added, “Trudy’s gift makes it possible for my child to have an experience and an opportunity my husband and I did not have growing up. Elika’s teachers are my colleagues, and I know firsthand what amazing people they are.They are not only teachers, they are lifelong learners and experts in their fields. MICDS faculty and staff care deeply about each child they teach.”

“The most important part of MICDS is its teachers. The teachers here help children discover what their talents are so they can use them as adults. Giving to faculty is a gift that changes lives and ultimately changes the world for the better. It is an honor to play a small part in that.”

—Trudy Valentine, MOTHER OF Matthew ’02. BLAKE, AUGUST, Christina Valentine Cammon ’08, John ’11 AND Stephen ’14.

After the surprise, Trudy shared her delight in meeting with the families she’s impacted when she said, “It really is satisfying to see that teachers are happy and that their children are happy here, too. They are so delighted that their children are getting the quality of education that MICDS is known for.”

Quick Facts

  • 30% of the tuition for the children of faculty and staff is covered by the MICDS Tuition Benefit.
  • 57 children of faculty and staff are currently enrolled at the School and receive the Tuition Benefit.
  • $140,583 was collectively raised by the 25th Reunion Class of 1992 to establish the “MICDS Class of 1992 Tuition Benefit Fund.”
  • 450+ parents, alumni and friends raised  $225,000  at the “Red and Green” fundraising event for Faculty Excellence and Student Access, which includes the Tuition Benefit Endowment.