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“The best thing we can do to take care of ourselves is to care for others and work to build societies characterized as safe and filled with hope.”

—Wes Moore

Best-selling author and motivational speaker, Moore visited the Upper School for an assembly and small group meetings with students and faculty.

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The learning doesn't have to stop just because it's summer. #summercamp #MICDS“The best part about summer at MICDS is getting to do my own summer reading.”
What’s on the reading list for the summer?
“I’m excited to read a book called ‘The Power’ by a woman who just won the Bailey Prize for Women in England, so I’m going to have to practice up and learn my British spelling and British grammar and enjoy a new book.”
How many books do you go through on average during the summer?
“I only get to read for about a month, and I can usually get 4-6 books – but it’s never enough!” #WeAreMICDSHappy 4th of July!! #MICDSThere's no such thing as a